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Solar for Residents and Apartments


Solar Panel for home is a Freedom of Electricity. Install Solar on Rooftop & Earn from SUN for 25 years

Solar for Industrial and Commvercial


Cut down the massive expenses spent on electricity every month to boost your profit with Solar Energy

Solar for Institutions and hospitals


Converter your Electrcity Expenses into an infrastructure investment & add more feature to your building

Solar for Agricultural and Public


Powering Agriculture and public sector with sustainable and off the grid is essential for the growth of nation


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Are you searching for the best solar companies in Chennai? Look no further. HealthySun Energy is the premier solar company in Chennai, specializing in solar panel installation in Chennai and offering top-notch solar EPC services. Our mission is to provide affordable, sustainable energy solutions to Chennai residents. As one of the leading solar energy companies in Chennai, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project. With our expertise, you can trust us as the best solar company in Chennai to meet your energy needs efficiently and affordably. Join us today and take the first step towards harnessing the power of solar energy for a brighter, greener future.

Solar Panel Installation Services

HealthySun Energy offers the best Solar Energy Solutions for all Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Public sectors

Solar Panel For Home

  • Solar rooftop
  • Solar off grid
  • Solar on grid
  • Solar hybrid system
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Street light

Solar Panel For Commercial

  • Solar site survey & analysis
  • Solar EPC (Engineering Procurement and Commissioning) Work
  • Solar I & C (Installation & Commissioning) Work
  • Solar O & M (Operations & Maintenance) work
  • Solar Data Monitoring
  • Solar Tree
  • Solar Liasoning Work
  • Solar Net meter work

Solar Products & Accessories

  • All Brand Solar Panel
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar PCU
  • Solar Structures
  • Solar DC Cables, Connectors
  • Solar DB Boxes and Accessories
  • Solar LT Panels
  • Solar Net meter work
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Customer Reviews

Sanjeev Reddy

Sanjeev Reddy

Professional and knowledgeable. Installed a 8kw solaredge net meter system with phone app to monitor, in 2021 at chennai. Salim is also polite, responsive and responsible person. Price was reasonable. No problems so far. Will definitely use them again


Baskar Chittrarasu

Baskar Chittrarasu

I have installed solar panel by Healthy Sun energy in May 2021. They have committed and installed the panel within a week of payment and its working awesome. My electric bill reduced to 800 from 6000. Dani and Saleem sir is easily reacheable...


Nijesh B

Nijesh B

Good team and engineers did a clean job... Well done keep it up... Keep up the same momentum at the same phase throughout this journey...


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