Solar for home

Solar power offers you various and customized solutions for all your power needs either for your home, apartment, villa etc

Solar offers various power solutions for all residential electricity needs

Solar Engineering, Procuring and Commissioning

We venture Solar based customized power generation projects from residential roof-top to utility power plant for our customers, Solar based heating solution projects from the water heater to commercial steam projects from residential to commercial venues and explore, materialize new ideas into renewable/optimization power solutions for the consumers.

With trained professionals and engineers, we procure and do intensified site analysis and requirement study to give the optimum solutions to our customers. HealthySun Energy strongly believes in quality and standard and ensures everything like analysis, materials, service, reporting, documentation, etc meet the industrial high standard. We are deliberate in updating our technologies and policies based on trend, innovations, and customer needs to keep our products and services


Our Technical Team:

Our team consists of certified Solar experts, skilled engineers, certified electricians who are well trained and well experienced in their respective expertise. We are also tied up with university researches on these domains to improve our service and deliver quality products & services to our customers all the time. We are building our team with more skills.


We Perform:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Site Analysis with accurate data
  • Shadow analysis
  • Site safety analysis
  • Load analysis
  • Electrical evacuation analysis
  • Array drawing
  • Electrical drawing
  • Structural drawing
  • Mounting structure Fabrication
  • Civil work
  • Earthing and lightning arrestor installation
  • Cost analysis
  • Project Management
  • Installation
  • Commissioning 
  • Testing
  • Data Monitoring

Solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

HealthySun Energy has an expert team for ensuring optimal system performance. Proper and timely operations and maintenance are essential for any plant to yield the estimated output year over year. Starting from a smaller system to utility-scale projects, we do periodic operations and maintenance and reports generated and shared with the respective team. 


Our Technical Team:

The expert team performs solar supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), hardware monitoring, and service with quality work and data. We also collect complete data and give insight analysis on plant performance to our customers


We Perform:

  • Regular cleaning of solar Modules
  • Regular monitoring of heat prone devices
  • Electrical flow testing
  • Data collection
  • IV Curve tracing
  • Basic servicing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Diagnosis testing for low production
  • Warranty management
  • Safety Management
  • System Testing
  • Connection Testing

Solar Training

HealthySun Energy offers different Solar Training programs with current updated content and practical hands-on experience. All our content is completely prepared by our experts with all our experience and knowledge to provide a updated knowledge. 


On-site experience and internship:

For all our students we provide on-site hands-on experience along with theoretical lessons. This enables them to practically understand the concepts which give more confidence and experience


Who can take this Solar Training Program:

College freshers, engineers, electricians, and the person who wants to make their career in the Solar Industry. We also created Solar Training Courses for budding entrepreneurs and other business owners who wanted to start a Solar business or leverage the benefits of solar in their existing businesses like real estate etc. 


To know about our Solar Training courses and register:

Solar Consulting

HealthySun Energy does consult work for all types of Solar projects from small to utility-scale projects. Liasoning work for Megawatt projects like obtaining govt approvals, certificates, approvals, NOCs were processed through the right channels and legally all over South India.


All documentation works for PPA projects:

The necessary MNRE norms for executing solar OPEX or CAPEX large scale solar projects can be facilitated by HealthySun Energy. 


Consulting for students and researchers:

We assist students and researches who do innovative projects/researches in Solar technology by giving them solar products, technology information assistance, knowledge sharing, site to perform live experiments. We have helped many students from various colleges to do their projects in Solar Technology. 


To get more details on consulting:

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