How much SOLAr can save you on Electricity?

Solar Power can fulfill all your electricity needs and save money on electricity bills. We have customized solar panel installation services for all your requirements

Solar Home

Residents / Apartments

Solar can power any home to fulfill up to its complete power requirement. A small home to a luxury villa. Many customers have availed the benefits of solar on their rooftop and enjoying zero expense electricity now ...

Industrial / Commercial

Industries, Manufacturing units, Commercial buildings spend very high on electricity expenses. Hence most of the processes are automated with machines, electricity is unavoidable for them to run the units.

Institutions / Hospitals

Many Institutions like schools, colleges now adopting Solar Panel Installation and generating green energy for their building and saving big money on their electricity consumption. The electricity tariff they pay is on the higher side 

Solar Farm

Agriculture and Public

India ranks 2nd in the world in agriculture production and it is the backbone of India. Solar pumps have revolutionized the modern agriculture process and make many farmers independent of electricity for irrigation

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Solar Success Stories

Understand how the Solar Panel Installation has impacted our customer’s electricity  usage and what they are getting out of it

How does Mr. Elango’s Farmhouse in Coimbatore completely runs on Solar?

Mr. Elango’s Farm House in Coimbatore is completely running on Solar. No hassle of electricity issues for any remote farmhouse. Entire farmhouse appliances run on Solar Power with Green Energy. 

The solar street also installed individually across the site for beautiful night ambiance

How Mr. Kanthasamy living with free electricity?

Mr. Kandasamy at Pammal, Chennai regularly had his EB bills over 6000 rupees for every EB Bill. He was not happy to pay such big amount all the time. He was curious about Solar panel Installation at his home and was not sure about how much his bills will be reduced due to it

Does his decision to install solar was right one? What he did beyond that?

“Everything is great with HealthySun Energy Solar (Mr.Saleem) talked in detail and explained to me everything, and I understood. He was very precise and understanding and a nice person to deal with that was why I decided to go with him. I’m very satisfied with my decision to go solar.

Ashok Kumar, Mannivakkam

Happy Customer

“I was paying 7000 Rs as my average Electricity Bill every time. But after Installing Solar Panels at my home, all my EB bills were zero for the last 2 years. I thank HealthySun Energy for the excellent service and product. They saved a lot of money for me. Electricity is my own now. 


Happy Customer

HealthySun Energy - Solar Training

Solar Training

HealthySun Energy Provides various in-depth practical training on Solar Power, Wind Power, Bio gas technology and many energy / power related subjects. We offer training for students, teachers, fresh graduates, technicians, entrepreneurs and more

We have varied courses to suit everyone’s need.

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