In a circular dated May 18, 2024, The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has revised the charges for consumers of rooftop solar netmeter installations. This move comes after a Right to Information (RTI) reply from the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) clarified the permissible fees

Solar Netmeter Charges

Previously, TANGEDCO charged ₹10,588/- for 3-phase solar netmeters and ₹5,500/- for 1-phase netmeters used in solar rooftop systems. This amount has now been significantly reduced to a much more reasonable ₹5,011/- and ₹2,764 respectively. Additionally, TANGEDCO will no longer collect testing fees.

Circular - Solar Meter Charges reduced

Refunds for Overcharged Consumers

The TANGEDCO circular also states that consumers who were previously charged for bi-directional meters or programmable bi-directional meters will be refunded the meter cost once their solar connection is established.

Consumer Awareness Makes a Difference!

This revision in meter charges is a direct result of the efforts of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, a consumer rights organization that filed an RTI inquiry with TNERC. Their initiative has ensured fair pricing for domestic consumers looking to adopt solar power.

Bidirectional meters for non-solar consumers:

Even if they haven’t applied for solar netmeters, TANGEDCO has recently handed bi-directional meters to the majority of new customers. There was a time when there weren’t enough solar meters available, and customers had to wait weeks to have the netmeter installed. Since all of the meters are now bidirectional, there is a noticeable decrease in wait time.

Only unidirectional installation is made for the new meters. The officials update and calibrate the solar netmeter to enable bidirectional functioning when the customer chooses one.

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The revised solar netmeter charges provide a significant financial incentive for residents in Tamil Nadu to consider solar rooftop installations. With reduced upfront costs, homeowners can now unlock the benefits of clean energy and save money on their electricity bills in the long run.

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